About Me
I believe that all dogs deserve to be the best that they can in life and for this to be applicable they need to be in the best health possible both medically and psychologically. CMT gives the dog a non surgical remedial option to obtain wellness and maintain a healthy life.
My mission statement is "working hand in paw" - to make your dog feel better and to provide your dog with the best possible opportunity to feel the best it can, as it is only when we ( that is the dog and I) work together in a positive framework that the dog receives the benefits.
* Member of Dogs NSW
* Member of Deer Bush Dog Club Fairfield
* Member of Agility Dog Club Castle Hill
* Member of SAENA - Small Animal and Equine Natural Therapy Association
* Actively trial my dogs in the sport of agility
* Involved in obedience training
* Have owned German Shepherds for twenty years as both working dogs and general pets and I currently own two rescue terriers
* Qualifications include - Bachelor of Science, Macquarie University
* Certificate 1V Biological Techniques
* Certificate 1V Training and Assessing
* Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy
For appointments and information on trial attendances please contact;
Anna 0418-248653
Email; pawfecttouch@tpg.com.au or by clicking the icon
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