Benefits of Canine Myofunctional Therapy?
All dogs from seniors, inactive, performance, anxious and those suffering from arthritic conditions and recovering from surgery and injury will benefit from myofunctional therapy.
There are potentially numerous benefits related to CMT at the physical, mental and emotional levels including, but not confined to, pain relief, increased recovery times post operative and post injury, decrease in stress levels and increase in performance, particularly in working and sporting dogs.
*CMT enables the flow of lymphatic fluid and drainage from within muscle fibres. It is this lymphatic fluid, pale yellow in colour and resembles plasma but has no protein content, which lubricates the muscles allowing for fibres and muscles to glide. Lymphatic drainage allows for the removal of toxins, which have accumulated within the muscle fibres, such as lactic acid, proteins and other by-products produced during normal cellular function. The improved circulation of lymphatic fluid also results in the increase in immune response by providing an increase in antibody flow to areas previously restricted by tight muscles.
*CMT provides an increase in blood circulation to muscles, allowing for increase in nutrient supply to muscle tissue and cells and the removal of waste. This is particularly beneficial in post operative surgery in the speedy removal of anaesthesia and for those animals with limited mobility due to age or disease. CMT assists the heart by decreasing the amount of pressure required to pump blood to the extremities with increased nutirents and this also allows for a decrease in healing time for injuries.
*CMT allows the initiation of self healing in that many noticeable symptoms are the end result of other underlying precursor factors affecting the animal. Massage affects the underlying and deeper causes affecting the animal to assist in resolving the real issue(s).
*Increase in range of motion-allowing for an increase in muscle flexibility and joint function. CMT involves the movement of the fascia. The fascia comprises of sheets of cellular tissue that envelope the muscle bundles much like a stocking. This then "frees" the muscle allowing it to become more flexible. As the CMT procedure incorporates stretching, warms the muscles and loosens the muscle fibres thereby allowing the muscles to obtain their maximum stretch length of up to 90% and also 10% of the ligaments.In allowing the entire area to be able to stretch to their full potential, the muscles and ligaments (which hold the bones of the joint in place) enable the bones to be held further away from each other during movement causing the decrease of wear and tear of the joint capsule, cartilage and bone endings. The end result of CMT is the increase in muscle flexibility and joint function.
* Prevents muscle injury eg. sprains and knots. CMT is also important in post exercise as it allows the muscles to physically "cool" evenly and return to the normal resting state by ensuring the return of muscle fibres without locking against each other forming knots. CMT can be used in preparation prior to exercise, in the prevention of sprains, knots and other muscular injuries from being sustained.
*For less active dogs due to age or illness CMT is of benefit as it maintains muscle tone and structure, provides a form of exercise (both isotonic and isometric) and can be compared to a leisurely walk in the park without the impact or stress on joints or atrophied muscles. CMT aims for a decrease in the rate of muscle atrophy , as the effect of pushing and pulling of skin and muscles and the moving of limbs in a passive range of motion classes as a form of exercise, develops muscle tone and increases the depth and rate of respiration.
*Massage provides a calming effect on the dog. It encourages the brain to release chemicals known as endorphins (melatonin and cortisol). It is scientifically known that these chemicals produce the "feel good" emotion allowing relaxation and the dog to be in a better frame of mind. This allows psychological benefits, in particular, to those dogs and puppies adjusting to new surroundings and even in preparation prior to surgery and as an assist in pain relief.
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